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Concrete Defense - Tower Defense Game
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Whac-a-Mole Game

Game Objects is a 3d/2d cross-platform game engine created all by my own, currently it can run on Windows, iOS and Android devices. 

This demo shows some of the key features of the engine.  


  • Massive Lights

The engine can support up to 1000+ dynamic lights with the help of clustered forward shading. The demo scene is based on a modified Sponza Palace scene with around 100 lights.


  • Soft Shadow

The engine supports Cascaded Shadow Mapping and Exponential Shadow Mapping to implement soft shadow for various light sources. The demo scene shows the shadowing effect of Directional/Point/Spot lights and Ambient light as well (through SSAO).


  • HDR

The engine supports HDR lighting with automatic exposure - the exposure value is automatically determined based on the luminance of the scene.


  • GPU based Batching

To lower the workload at CPU side, the engine supports batching to reduce drawcalls. The demo scene shows how batching affects frame rate for both animated characters and static rocks.

  • CPU based Occlusion Culling

To lower the workload at GPU side, the engine supports software rasterizing occluders and perform depth test for occludees to cull the occludees which are not visible before sending them to the GPU.


  • Rigidbody Physics

This scene demostrates rigidbody physics and collision detect/resolution.


  • Landscaping

This is an outdoor scene shows terrain, automatically planted foliages and water reflection.

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